Webinar 2: Social Media and You – Understanding how to leverage it in your business  

Delivered by: Fergal Coleman – Symphony 3 – www.symphony3.com
Date delivered: 8 November 2012 – 6pm AEDT
Duration: 30 minutes

This webinar covered a range of issues surrounding Social Media and how you use it in your business.

Recommended Resources 

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Links & Resources:

Fergal has pulled together some specific resources and links from his presentation at:

During the presentation, Fergal mentioned that he had responses from a range of his LinkedIn contacts on the use of Social media in Horticulture/Agriculture. The links from those responses are below:


“I attended a seminar last week and a butcher in Clonmel was highlighted as someone making very good use of social media. There’s a few youtubes on him and the most recent seems to be this one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPcLTNuUbA4

When I was looking for that youtube, another one, probably a better example for you, popped up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXuQYT0CZlg – Castlemine Farm in County Roscommon.

“Please see the below web site. This is a massive, nation wide rural development GIS program with social networking as a vital internal ingredient.
Links:” http://www.vsolvit.com/usda-rd.html

“Depending on how you define social media I would say these guys would qualify and are innovating in that space. “

“Looks like the FFA really knows what their talking about with over 174K followers. “

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