Webinar 10: Can You Predict The Future? Using Simple Scenarios To Plan Your Business

Delivered by: Russell Cummings – Strategic Business Development – www.sbdbusiness.com.au
Date delivered: 23 January 2014 – 4:30pm EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Download Workbook for this Webinar: Can You Predict The Future Workbook

In this short webinar, Russell Cummings illustrates a simple technique for using different scenarios to test and challenge your planning.

Recommended Resources 

Webinar Slides: click to download the file

Shell Scenarios: Global Future Energy Scenarios



The Art of the Long View By Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz challenges uncertainty by using scenario planning as the tool to predict and prepare for the future. Schwartz suggest that to act with confidence, “one must be willing to look ahead and consider uncertainties”. In his book, Schwartz presents many “rules” to creating scenarios such as: “seeking out truly unusual people…who could see significant but surprising forces for change”.

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