Webinar Program 2012

As part of the Industry Leadership Program, we are conducting a series of Webinars on a range of business and leadership topics.

These webinars are open to all members of the Australian Horticulture Industry and are FREE to participate.

Not sure of what is involved in “attending” a webinar? – then see “What is a webinar?” below.

The initial program is outlined below.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is simply a “Seminar” that is delivered via the internet. A presenter will deliver their presentation using visual media and audio so that you can “see and hear” the presentation. It is like watching a movie on your computer except that you can ask questions and send messages to other participants and/or the presenter.

A Webinar is a cost-effective methodology for delivering quality content to a wide audience. It minimises travel costs and time and can be recorded for later viewing and recaps. It is easily shared with others who maybe interested.

To participate all you need is a computer, a broadband internet connection and speakers (or a headset). You can even participate on your iPad or Smartphone by downloading the GotoMeeting App.

You will need to register prior to the event and usually have to download a small piece of software to your computer – this is a simple process that happens automatically. If you are unable to participate on the day, then we will record the webinar and you can play it back as a video at a time that suits you.

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