Self Confidence Course

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The Mindshop Self-Confidence course was developed in 2008 by Mindshop and leading clinical psychologist, Dr Darryl Cross. This course is focused on some of the most asked question’s Dr Darryl Cross has been asked by the many people who visit his practice annually or that he meets in the business world which are:

Self-Confidence Course
  • “How can I improve my self-confidence?”
  • “How can I take more risks and step out more?”
  • “How can I stop second guessing myself?”
  • “How can I feel less shy?”
  • “How can I feel less embarrassed?”
  • “How can I be more outgoing?”
  • “How do I stop my self-sabotage?”

You tend to hear in the business world that people have a clear plan, a good idea of the direction they are heading and have surrounded themselves with the right people. However…….most still struggle to achieve the success they are seeking. One of the key blockages tends to be their low level of ‘self-confidence’. Outwardly, it may not be visible that a person is lacking in confidence, but it can surface in people stating for example, that they don’t seem to have many new opportunities or they tend to blame others for all their issues. These come sometimes (but not always) as signs that people are covering their low self-confidence issues with behaviours which are actually self-sabotaging.

Even if you perceive you are quite confident this course can help you lift your confidence to another level.

Approximate time to complete

  • 12 – 16 hours

Tools to be learnt

  • Self Sabotage and inferiority
  • Life Potential
  • Life Purpose
  • Vision Setting
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Self Talk
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Self-Picture
  • Energy Audit
  • Self-Confidence Plan
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Change

This course will step you through numerous tools to help you better understand yourself, improve your self-confidence and limit your self-sabotage. You will immediately see the course’s benefit when you use your newly acquired knowledge of the Self-confidence tools to strive for that next opportunity or implement your next internal strategic issue.

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