Sales Performance Course

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The Sales Performance course was developed by Banjar Group in conjunction with Mindshop.

Banjar Group is a Melbourne, Australia based sales organization run by experienced sales scientist, Mike Boyle. Mike has spent over twenty years in industries primarily involved in sales and sales management. The last eighteen years have seen him involved in major sales, both in print, pre-press, consulting and software as well as major hardware sales at Fuji Xerox Australia. It was at Fuji Xerox Australia that he realised his passion for training people. While selling million dollar digital print solutions he saw that customers needed more than just the BOX; they needed the skills to sell and market the entire solution from application right through to delivery.

Sales is often thought of as the domain of the ‘knights of the road’ and high-energy extraverts that can talk underwater, however many years of observing and training sales people has demonstrated something very different. High performing business people who sell are often quiet, calculated and humble people who plan sales success and take pride in the careers they build. In fact, the best we have seen regard themselves as business professionals. They regard their skill development and on the job training akin to a degree in ‘art’ or ‘science’. This raises an interesting thought; “Why is there no university for sales or selling?”

After many years training sales people, and business people to sell, Banjar Group have discovered that when individuals are presented with a solid framework and process for selling effectively, alongside opportunities for practice, anyone can sell – they just need a little sales essence or “swagger”.

This online course aims to instruct participants in the art of selling and improve the skill set of anybody who has to present and sell their products or services to the market. So take this online Sales Safari and get a feel for the basics that will assist you in selling.

The Sales Safari journey covers 5 specific Camp Sites over 28 steps where specific areas of the sales process are studied.

Sales Performance Course

Approximate time to complete

  • 12 – 16 hours

Tools to be learnt

  • Camp 1: Sales Essence – Developing skill and attitude to ooze ‘sales success’
  • Step 1 – Sales Competency Model
  • Step 2 – Personal Sales Goals
  • Step 3 – Personal Sales SWOT
  • Step 4 – Listening and Rapport
  • Step 5- Self Promotion
  • Camp 2 – Customers – What are they for you?
  • Step 6 – Goals, Problems, Needs of Customers
  • Step 7 – Zebra Planning
  • Step 8 – Creating Demand
  • Step 9 – Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Step 10 – Customer Portfolio Analysis
  • Camp 3 – Process – The Steps to Success
  • Step 11 – Sales Standard: 4 step approach
  • Step 12 – Sales Process: Mindmap
  • Step 13 – Suspect to Prospect
  • Step 14 – Prospect Criteria
  • Step 15 – Activity Planning
  • Step 16 – Mapping Pipeline
  • Camp 4 – Skills & Techniques – What are they for you?
  • Step 17 – Purpose, Process, Payoff
  • Step 18 – Questioning
  • Step 19 – Closing and Advancing
  • Step 20 – Objections
  • Step 21 – BIG One Page Plan
  • Camp 5 – Tactical Planning – That Plan of Attack
  • Step 22 – Final Plan: Sales Vision
  • Step 23 – Final Plan: Blockages to Sales Success
  • Step 24 – Final Plan: Simple Sales Strategy, explained
  • Step 25 – Final Plan: Simple Sales Strategy, who are you selling to? Target
  • Step 26 – Final Plan: Simple Sales Strategy, the meeting
  • Step 27 – Final Plan: Simple Sales Strategy, killer questions
  • Step 28 – Final Plan: Simple Sales Strategy, one page plan

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