In the Video Gallery below, you will find a range of Videos on a variety of Business & Leadership topics. In addition to the videos below, we also have a dedicated YouTube Channel – HortNextGen
[OVERVIEW] New Product Development Process
Business Coach, Russell Cummings, outlines a simple process for bringing a new product to market. It is a companion to our online course on this...
Optimising your LinkedIn Profile for Business
Business Coach, Russell Cummings, highlights a simple approach to optimising your linkedIn profile.
Creating your Customer Avatar
Can you clearly identify your Customer Avatar? This is a personification of your target market. Leading business coach, Russell Cummings, explains how this ...
Creating a Personal One Page Plan
Russell Cummings, Business Coach, takes you through the simple process of using a One Page Plan to summarise your Personal Plan. Visit the website to...
Improving your success with managing change
What are the 10 factors that contribute most to change success? Use our free Diagnostic to understand where the opportunities lie for your business. This...
A Simple Process for Assessing Your Team
Russell Cummings, Business Coach, outlines a simple tool for Assessing your Team members and/or applicants for your next job.
Must Should Could
Use this simple tool to help with setting priorities.
Communicating your Goals
Russell Cummings, Business Coach, explores how to effectively communicate your goals to your team and/or family.
Better Decision Making
This short webinar from Business Coach, Russell Cummings, highlights some of the key decision making tools that you can use to improve your performance.
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