Consulting Facilitation Course

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Consultants and Facilitators are not born, they are made. The Mindshop Consulting Facilitation Process (CFP) course is your next step to making it happen. An effective consultant both internal and external is a facilitator, motivator, coach, teacher, expert and leader all in one package. This program will cover the key elements of being an effective consultant or facilitator. It is based on decades of consulting experience to SME’s and multinationals. In all projects the steps are similar.

Consulting and Facilitation Course

Approximate time to complete

  • 12-16 hours

Tools to be learnt


Consulting Facilitation as a Business

  • Creating a strategy for your business
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Business Statement
  • Your model
  • Packaging and Service
  • Income Matrix

Facilitation Skills

  • Different types of clients – Project Management & Leadership
  • Eight week team cycle
  • Project Team Revitalization
  • Coaching skills matrix
  • Online Coaching

Presentation Skills

  • Environment
  • Seven Learning Principles
  • Presentation Design
  • Program Design
  • Final Presentation
  • Self Audit

One Page Plan

Final 80 Question Exam

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