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What is holding you back?

As we move to the close of another year, (they seem to go faster and faster as I get older) its a good time to stop, prop and reflect on the year that has just passed before you race headlong into another year. There are a range of tools and techniques that you can use but a really simple, and powerful, technique shown to me by my colleague, James Atkins (www.vantagemarketing.com.au) is to ask yourself some

What apps should you have in your eco-system?

In our first article on this topic, we highlighted the process for defining the apps and tools you will require in your eco-system of apps for your business. If you missed that article, you will find it here http://www.horticulture-nextgeneration.com.au/ecosystem-of-apps-and-tools/

When I followed the process and started defining my ecosystem, I thought about the key functions that I wanted to get right and ended up mapping out 7 areas that are really important for me and my business. Below are


Defining Your Ecosystem of Apps and Tools

I find that many people have apps and tools that they use that don't work with each other, don't work across platforms and are actually a "pain in the neck" as they increase complexity and reduce productivity.

Therefore, it's really important that you find an ecosystem of tools that will work together to give you increased productivity and better leverage. The term "ecosystem" is really important because I envisage a system of software apps and tools that is interconnected and supportive


10 Tips to get the most from Social Media in your Business

In simple terms, social media describes the tools people are using to share text, video, images and information online. From a broadcast medium to a massive online conversation, networks they are using to connect with each other, it’s the evolution of the internet where free, easy to use tools, available 24/7, give users the ability to share and spread information (both good and bad) quicker than any other communication channel. The feeling in the business world about social media tends to

Marketing Madness

Why is it that businesses gear up for events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Stocktake Sales and then accept that there are quieter periods in the rest of the year? Clearly, this is not the plan of big multinationals who market all-year round. They give us the impression that everything is for sale all the time and that it is at a discount, when in reality it is not. It gets hard to compete when you are reacting

How effective is your Marketing?

Talking about marketing is one of the most important and time-consuming activities of business owners because we all want the right image for our business and more of the right clients. We want our customers to see and understand what we have to offer, and how we are different from others. Marketing is all about creating specific brand images in the minds of our target customers and advertising is the mechanism used to communicate these images to them. But most businesses have

The Business Leader of the Future – do you have what it takes?

World strategy guru and author, Gary Hamel in his best-selling book “The Future of Management” points out that traditional ways of managing a business are coming to an end. In his book he states that: “New problems demand new principles. Put bluntly, there’s simply no way to build tomorrow’s essential organizational capabilities—resilience, innovation and employee engagement—atop the scaffolding of 20th century management principles.” Also, Alex Osterwalder another business thought leader

6 Rules to Achieving the “Organisation of Your Dreams”

Is it possible to create a company that is the best on earth to work for? Many say that achieving your dream company is considered to be much like finding the Holy Grail – hard, if not impossible. But thanks to Organisational Behaviour experts Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, authors of Creating the Best Workplace on Earth, we now have an idea of how to achieve the “organisation of your dreams.” It took them at least three years and

8 key issues to be addressed when learning new skills

Regardless of what your role is in your horticulture business, the rapidly changing business environment requires each of us to be hungry for improvement. This involves learning new skills to improve, grow and evolve in our fields of expertise to ensure that you stay relevant in your business and the industry. But learning new skills is easier said than done. Oftentimes, we stumble upon blockages or issues that keep us from completing the learning process or from successfully executing our new

How to make profit in a changing market

Making profit is an obligation for all enterprises whether big, small, government, not for profit or private. This obligation is not possible to achieve with a policy of status quo. In fact, all stockholders, owners, and constituents know that producing quality profits is the way to avoiding a firm’s rapid demise. So how does an enterprise make profit in a changing environment? Speed is now an integral part of successful business strategies. But speed on its own will not suffice, but

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