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Online Training 2014 – Building Better Businesses

Calling all Horticultural Growers!

Australian Horticulture producers and their teams, will have access to FREE On-line Business Training till end of March 2015. Don't miss this unique opportunity to participate in our FREE leadership training program, and take up one of only 100 places to access the latest in online courses from the international consulting group, Mindshop. Applications will close on 19 December 2014. Complete our on-line training and find out how to:
  • Boost Profitability and Growth;
  • Develop a Marketing

Top 5 Business Trends for horticulture

Our businesses are becoming more complex. In today's environment, I have coined the term "V squared" to explain that the business environment is "Volatile" (more complex) and is accelerating to an unprecedented "Velocity." These factors magnify the challenges for today's horticulture businesses and push owners and managers to think of how to be ahead of the curve and how to successfully adapt their businesses to address these emerging trends. There are a number of emerging trends that I believe will significantly impact
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