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Don’t delay – Application deadline for Horticulture – the Next Generation Program extended for a week

Given the disruptions caused by consecutive Easter/ANZAC Day weekends, we have extended the application deadline till May 9 for the 2014 Horticulture - the Next Generation Program in order to allow time to prepare submissions. Applications have been strong and this extension provides an opportunity to encourage others to participate in 2014. Horticulture -the Next Generation is specially developed to build the business and leadership skills of owners and managers of Australian horticulture businesses by providing them with practical, applied training and

Qualities our Leaders Must Have

Skills your Business Leaders must have In order to achieve organisational goals, effective leadership is essential. But how does one become effective? What are the key skills that we require in our leaders? This article will outline 5 important skills that Business Leaders require. Key Skills
  1. Think and Act Strategically – A leader must be able to place the market, economic, business and operational aspects into context and create a plan for the future. Thinking about and acting upon these things strategically is

Simple Productivity Tools

Improving our personal productivity is a key component of being effective at business. During our productivity webinar, I talked about a really simple tool – the Pomodoro Technique. Now I’m not really sure what it has to do with tomatoes, but the technique is that you work in 25 minute intervals and take a 5 minute break after every session. Every 4 sessions you take a longer break – 15 mins. I have been using the timer app on
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