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How Mobile Apps Changed the World

Smartphones and mobile applications are the latest buzz in the cellphone world and are already a part of almost everyone’s personal lives and businesses. In 2010, the word “app” because of its popularity has been chosen as the “Word of the Year” by the American Dialect Society. To get a clearer view on this reality, an infographic from lays out in detail how mobile apps have changed the world. According to, among the popular App stores, Apple App Store grabs

How to Deal with the Leadership Shift

Businesses are under increasing stress as markets are increasingly volatile, clients are more demanding, talent is scarcer and change occurs in faster and shorter cycles. To survive and thrive business leaders have to make faster decisions, on less information, and which have greater risk. This has led to a change in how leaders need to think, decide and execute. A good model, that addresses the four areas of concern that business leaders need to deal with, is the VUCA model (developed in
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