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The Leadership Dilemma – Management or Leadership?

Today, businesses are run by very competent people who are not necessarily Ghandi or Nelson Mandela but who seem to drive their businesses to success, not just by themselves but as a group that exhibits all the characteristics of a great leader. I think these leadership teams have figured out that it is rare to find all the leadership characteristics in one person. In fact, I read an article on HBR called Management is (Still) Not Leadership by Dr. John

Top 3 Business Issues for 2013

In 2012, before the year ended, Mindshop ( conducted a global survey across Australia, NZ, UK and the USA of business leaders involved in various business programs and groups in the Mindshop network. The results of the survey highlighted that business leaders are faced with three critical business issues for 2013 – managing growth, followed closely by maintaining profitability and ensuring that strategy implementation is effective.
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