Monthly Archives: August 2012

How Great Leaders Inspire Action (an insight by Simon Sinek)

We featured this excellent TED Talk video from Simon Sinek in the first issue of the Horticulture – Next Generation Newsletter. This video explores a simple model for improving your leadership. It is well worth watching and includes great insight so I would like to expand on this idea. As an introduction, Simon asks why certain companies – Apple, and certain people – Martin Luther King and the Wright Brothers - have achieved so much even if they’re just like anyone

Overwhelming Response to HAL’s Horticulture – The Next Generation Leadership Program

Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL), in conjunction with Agrifood Skills Australia has developed a multi-industry leadership program targeted at developing the business and leadership skills of the next generation of Australian horticulturists. Industry showed strong interest in personal development and training, with a remarkable 120 applications to the inaugural program.

The Lost Art of Management

You know, I think that over the last few decades that "business” has lost the art of managing their people. (I say "business” because obviously there are some great managers out there – but, in general, management is a lost art!) We’ve managed to pull through the GFC ("Global Financial Crisis”) and have emerged into a market that is very competitive, with tighter margins and that is far more globalised than ever before.
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