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ZMOT – How Can You Use This In Your Business?

Marketing has always played an important role in the success of businesses. It is one of the essential processes and is the major driver of future sales and profitability. But what does marketing really mean? Marketing is the process where businesses - whether for products or services - promote and position their goods in the market so that consumers will choose them over all the existing and similar products or services available.

Are You Too Busy To Plan For Success?

Our experience tells us that highly successful businesses are adequate in all three of the following areas, but excel in at least one, depending on their chosen strategic focus in delivering outstanding customer value.
  • Product excellence – strategies that deliver the best product (or service) at the best value;
  • Customer intimacy – strategies that cultivate relationships and satisfy the unique needs of customers;

Are Meetings Dead?

Meetings are an important part of communication in most businesses but it is a poorly understood discipline. For many people, a meetings is that it is something that is boring, takes a lot of time and has little value. I suspect many people would say that meetings are dead or unnecessary, especially in a small business. Maybe it’s because many of us have been too exposed to traditional type of meetings which usually drag on for hours and seem to have

Applying the “Art of Action” To Your Business

Most organisations suffer from too much planning that does not achieve the desired results. Increase the size of the organisation, the number of management layers and departments, and the problem only gets worse. More planning and more detailed plans are not the answer to address the issue of improving the implementation of strategy! Stephen Bungay's latest book "The Art of Action" shows how leaders close the gaps between Plans, Actions and Results.

Confront the Brutal Facts for Growth

It never ceases to amaze us that there is such a great diversity of business opportunities in our region. The key to the creation of these opportunities is business owners challenging all aspects of their marketplace and business and deciding to do it differently. Each quarter we have been running workshops for businesses who are seeking to make and monitor significant changes in their business. This quarterly review process has allowed them to be challenged and has created a real drive

Building an Atmosphere of Trust

Like many of the best things in life, trust really is free. Doing without it, however, will cost you dearly, especially in business. What's at stake is productivity, innovation, and ultimately, profits. High functioning teams share goals that drive day-to-day activities. Their mutual self-interest greases the wheels of collaboration, but trust is the solid ground they ride on. Capitalizing on their energy and motivation so your team is productive requires that they collaborate freely, and for that, people need to trust

Leadership Succession: Or Lack Of…

What we know about leaders is that they are influential in any organization. This is particularly apparent when the current leader has been the original entrepreneur who started the business and whose whole life and passion has been devoted to the enterprise. In this kind of situation (but not exclusively so), we find that such leaders are loath to consider succession planning or even mentoring others who might eventually, one day, take their place.
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