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    We have developed a tailored Business Leader Development Program specifically for Australian horticulture. It uses a combination of workshops, online training, coaching support and webinar programs to deliver a world class program to Australian horticulture.
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    Participate in our regular webinar program for information on a range of business and leadership topics. We offer webinars from a range of speakers from Australia and across the globe and welcome your feedback on topics that you would like.
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    We have selected a range of information of relevance to Australian horticultural business leaders including: articles, videos, books, apps and events. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date of best practical tools & processes to grow your business.
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Welcome to Horticulture – The Next Generation

Horticulture Australia (now HIA) was driven by the competitive needs of Industry, has developed a leadership development program that will span all horticultural industries.

We started the Horticulture-Next Generation program in 2012 and it funding wound up in 2014. Over that period of 3 years, we had 95 horticulture managers and owners attend 4 days of intensive training, over 220 people completed online training modules and we had an additional 2300 attendees on our webinar program.

This innovative program used a combination of traditional face-to-face, web and social media technologies to extend the reach of the program beyond a core group of individual leaders to the wider horticultural industry.

We continue to work closely with horticulture businesses and industry groups to improve management, individual and business outcomes.

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Getting Involved

If you are a leader in Australian Horticulture whether at an Industry, Regional or Business level, then there are a number of opportunities for you to participate:

  • Enrol for one of our Management Development Programs, and/or
  • Subscribe to our FREE Newsletter on Business & Leadership Tips; and/or
  • Join the Horticulture Leadership Forum on LinkedIn; and/or
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter; and/or
  • Join our Webinar Program to interact with quality speakers on a variety of business, family and leadership topics – register your interest by subscribing to our newsletter.
  • We have also established a YouTube Channel with a variety of business and leadership clips and will be offering additional training opportunities for industry.

We will keep you posted on future developments through the blog and the newsletter.

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